CL106FD Cordless Cleaner

About the Product

  • Stronger suction power for faster cleaning with more run time
  • Up to 50 min. of continuous use from a single fully charged BL1040B.
  • Built-in LED light illuminates the work area.
  • Quick clean-ups with strong suction power.

Standard Equipment

  • Floor Nozzle, Sash Nozzle, Sash Nozzle Holder, Pipe, Z: Battery and Charger are sold separately

Standard Accessories

  • CL106FDSAW: Fast Charger (DC10SB), 2X12V max -2.0Ah Batteries ( BL1021B) (White)
  • CL106FDZW: Bare Tool (White)
  • CL106FDSA: Fast Charger (DC10SB), 2X12V max -2.0Ah Batteries ( BL1021B)
  • CL106FDZ: Bare Tool

Download File


  • Capacity 600 mL
  • Max air flow With BL1040B: 40
  • Continuous use(minutes) With BL1040B: 40
  • Max. sealed suction (water colum) 2.6 kPa (240 mmHO)
  • Suction Power16W
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 999x100x150mm
  • Net weight 0.9kg (2.2 lbs.)